Thursday, June 20, 2024


CONTRA specializes in conducting professional trainings and audits focused on assuring safety of both individuals and companies. Our training courses are mainly directed to people and companies threatened by a high risk of assaults, burglaries or abduction. All trainings are conducted by our employees who have practical experience in the field of security and safeguarding.

Our experts utilize proven audit tools in reviewing your business’ ability to react and respond to site-based emergencies. These audits and assessments result in identification of deficiencies of physical security and safety issues so that a systematic approach to resolving the deficiencies may be implemented on a priority basis.

The trainings we have been organizing so far among jewelers, transport companies responsible for conveying valuable transports or warehouse employees enabled our clients to minimize possible threats to their businesses. During our trainings, we present original footage from various types of crimes, conveying at the same time useful knowledge and tips on how to prevent and counteract such events in practice.

Depending on our client’s needs, we provide broad-based trainings to support an overall safety, security and emergency management program of your business. By investing in this prevention measure, you invest in your company.


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