Thursday, June 20, 2024


Based on professional work standards of European private investigators, we offer you a wide range of investigative services, making use of our vast experience resulting from many years of work for the police as well as of our official and unofficial sources, with the support of cutting-edge technology, which combined give a guarantee of obtaining information crucial for evaluating behavior of both business entities and individuals. Our knowledge and experience in this field enable us to conduct accurate evaluation of risk and make an appropriate choice of measures aimed at effective execution of any requested tasks.

Our core areas of expertise include:pen

  • Surveillance;
  • Asset search;
  • Financial and medical record verifications;
  • Gathering information for evidential purposes;
  • Liaison with local law enforcement;
  • Internet investigations;
  • Documents delivery.

Our investigative services are available to both individuals and businesses. Whether you want to monitor your employees, spouse, or are in the midst of a child custody battle, we are here to assist you.