Thursday, June 20, 2024

Security Consulting

CONTRA ‘s Security Consulting knowledge comes from the best source possible: real-world experience. Our broad range of local, regional and international clients exposes CONTRA to the industry’s “best practices” that are in use today and in development for tomorrow.

Our comprehensive line of consulting services includes on-site security surveys, internal and external theft-prevention programs, threat analysis, executive protection, protection of property, electronic eavesdropping countermeasures, policy and procedure recommendations, as well as risk assessment and management.

CONTRA has gained extensive experience over the years in threat assessment and control and offers counseling services to assist our clients in creating safe and secure environment for their people, property and profits.

Regardless of whether you are motivated to consult our security experts due to a specific loss or as part of a good management strategy to prevent and manage risk and maintain your competitive advantage, CONTRA can bring its perspective and experience to almost any industry or enterprise to make it more secure, efficient and productive. Additionally, CONTRA guarantees that it will identify any opportunities in your business for recovery, savings or elimination of fraud and waste in excess of any fees or expenses charged, which makes the service risk-free!


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