Thursday, June 20, 2024


While no profitable business is completely safe from robbery, you can make your business less vulnerable to the attacks of robbers. Moreover, you and your employees should be prepared to respond safely during a robbery to help you protect yourself, your employees and customers against violence which often accompanies this kind of crimes.

CONTRA is a leader in the field of implementation of measures protecting against crime threats in the jewelry industry. In cooperation with the biggest jeweler insurance companies in the world, CONTRA provides a unique training program which combines theoretical knowledge and up-to-date intelligence data with highly trained personnel, providing the jewelry shop chains with the necessary tools and methods of protection against any actual and potential threats. Obviously, jewelers are particularly vulnerable because of the value of their stock, therefore, their staff needs to feel that they are prepared for any kind of situation, and that they do know how to react in case something happens.

Generally, it is a 'win win' situation for all concerned – giving business owners and their employees a total peace of mind at a price they can afford. Our clients can feel safe, knowing that they are being supported and protected by the experience gained during our training courses.