Thursday, June 20, 2024

Mediation services

Keeping in mind many years of experience we have in conducting negotiations and mediations between parties in various kinds of disputes, we believe that in case of financial disputes it is better to first turn for assistance of a neutral and objective mediator acting on behalf of the creditor before going to the court and initiating foreclosure procedure. An attempt of solving a problem amicably often brings positive results for both parties, for they are still not restricted by a court verdict, bailiff procedure, being entered into an insolvency register or other sanctions. A creditor irritated by the incurred loss usually has no desire and patience to have a personal dialog, whereas a debtor placed in a difficult situation quite often awaits and counts on someone showing them a way out of this deadlock.

Therefore, CONTRA offers a new, complex service, involving: establishing the debtor’s assets, their income sources, and then on the basis of these details undertaking mediation aimed at recovering active debts for the creditor. In case of a negative result, the creditor remains already supplied with all the available data enabling a successful foreclosure procedure. Our experience shows that bailiffs offices rarely undertake field investigations and usually limit their actions to conducting general checks. Bailiffs even expect the creditors to indicate for them specific elements of debtors’ assets which could be seized in the execution procedure. 

CONTRA offers you undertaking steps aimed at reaching an agreement with a debtor, solving a problem and achieving amicable recovery of active debts.

Our services include all kinds of negotiations and mediations, including “non-financial” disputes.