Thursday, June 20, 2024

Market Monitoring

Timely and accurate acquisition of information concerning corporate threats is essential to the security of any company. CONTRA specializes in obtaining reliable, accurate, real-time and relevant information to assist you in identifying any possible threats and planning countermeasures. Our programs are tailored to focus on each client’s specific needs.




Our services include:

  • Risk assessments in a potential business location
  • Identifying threats against people or assets
  • Gathering market information
  • Analysis and validation of market reports
  • Development of network information resources
  • Monitoring and control of distribution channels and transportation logistics
  • Strategic response planning and securing of data and networks
  • Storage and indexing of market data
  • Monitoring of Internet sites, blogs and chat rooms
  • Liaison with authorities related to brand protection and supply chain solutions
  • Threat identification, assessment and research

CONTRA has an established network of international public and private relationships across industries which enables us to keep our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing global marketplace and provide early warning about any business risks that may affect our clients. This makes CONTRA a powerful partner in managing risks for our international clients.