Thursday, June 20, 2024

Industrial & Manufacturing

Along with the evolution of the industrial and manufacturing sectors into a highly sophisticated and automated segment of the economy, the demands for security in these sectors have become even more substantial.

Encompassing, as it does, research, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, the production industry is faced with a broad range of potential security vulnerabilities. Manufacturing companies have become a major target of theft, vandalism, labor-management-related disputes, property damages, equipment and product tampering, and litigation. And as we keep on developing, manufacturing and distributing products and processes, an extremely professional level of security planning, prevention and protection is required.

CONTRA offers its industrial and manufacturing clients an integrated approach to the concept of security that provides them with a range of services and a proven level of reliability to meet both the conventional and the extended security needs of the field.

Specialists from CONTRA provide their clients with comprehensive guidelines concerning security, focusing on threat assessments, situation analysis, risk mitigation, and meticulous planning to identify problems and issues before they arise.


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