Thursday, June 20, 2024

Divorce/Family matters

CONTRA offers professional services in the field of solving family problems, such as divorces or cases of infidelity:

  • Surveillance
  • Community interview
  • Revealing hidden assets
  • Revealing income sources
  • Establishing personal contacts
  • Gathering documentation for divorce suits
  • Establishing paternity
  • Conducting premarital investigations

Gathering documentation for divorce suits usually involves surveillance of people with the aim of proving their possible infidelity. Having vast experience, knowledge and technological resources in this area, we are able to verify assumptions with facts.

The client is kept informed about the progress of the case. Before taking any crucial steps, we consult every decision with the client, who can expect professional assistance and counseling from our investigators. We offer you a full set of documents and reports, including photos which can be used as evidence material.

Other services we provide involve preparation of prenuptial agreements, as well as service of alimony and property division proceedings during divorce cases.