Thursday, July 25, 2024

Intellectual property

Today, companies manufacture and sell goods in a global marketplace. Doing business 24/7 means enforcing your intellectual property rights around the clock... everywhere. While the world is getting smaller, for those tasked with brand protection, it’s still a pretty large place. Therefore, it is virtually impossible for your internal team to personally respond globally to every enforcement need.

Whether it involves manufacture and distribution of counterfeit goods or unauthorized copying of your software, we gather evidence for our clients concerning possible breaches of their intellectual property rights. We also routinely carry out general law and marketplace enquiries for businesses planning to launch their new trademark or product.

In order to determine the source of unauthorized trademark usage or product distribution, a detailed investigation of criminals responsible for abusing the intellectual property of our clients is required. CONTRA will obtain for you evidence that can be presented in the court against the counterfeiters.

Core areas of expertise:

  • CONTRA will ensure that your right to enforce your intellectual property is recognized by local law enforcement. We will represent you and your brand in order to facilitate awareness of your trademark and encourage measures directed against the infringers.
  • CONTRA will assist the relevant law enforcement authorities in gathering sufficient evidence, enabling them to undertake legal actions against the criminals on your behalf.
  • CONTRA will provide training for your employees who are tasked with enforcing your intellectual property rights.

If you are experiencing challenges when guarding your trademark in Poland or other European country, contact CONTRA and let us discuss with you the scope of your problem and develop a customized and effective solution to help you protect your most valuable asset, i.e. your brand.

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