Thursday, June 20, 2024

Insurance investigations

Although workers’ compensation, automotive or personal injury, subrogation or virtually any other type of insurance claim is often extremely complex to evaluate, CONTRA provides a full range of services required to discreetly investigate claimants and help with verifying the legitimacy of settlements.

CONTRA Risk-Consulting will conduct for you an investigation related to the ensuing damages, explain circumstances in which they have occurred and reconstruct the course of events. We also carry out a risk analysis before any decision about insurance conclusion is made. The steps we undertake are mainly directed against threats arising from the activity of organized criminal groups, which usually causes  enormous loses to many businesses. We cooperate closely with insurance companies, supporting them by implementing widely understood preventive measures, conducting training courses and initiating cooperation with the law enforcement.

You will find out if the claimant is: a malingerer, active in sports or hobbies, working a second job, addicted to alcohol or drugs or whether he has ever been treated for prior injuries. Our highly trained team will assist you in presenting unbiased facts and circumstances involved in fatality or disability claims by gathering information from insurers, employers, neighbors, social contacts etc.


 Core areas of expertise:pen

  • Physician interviews;
  • Social history;
  • Establishing cause of injury/disability;
  • Determining credibility of claimants;


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